Love at the Cherry Tree Scandal

It was delicious, the sauce is delicious, the rice is also fragrant. That’s the flavor sate Madura to me and Eva. We had a routine, like a sacred ceremony, to always eat satay Madura every Saturday night. Like tonight, I’m enjoying the strains and Eva sate Madura tasty delights at the mouth, filling in the stomach, it is with a wallet friendly. Sate Madura and in stall this is where we first met and fell in love with the view of the fifth. Really? True, true, true!

“Re, Neza was sms, friends that I was a tomboy tu, tau is not it? Well, he would ask his duty translate Japanese to English language. Could, Ta? “Eva expanse interrupted my reverie, he ate one skewer at a time into her tiny mouth.

“Oh … yes my sweatheart, could, say ja ma Neza, between their duties to the boarding house yourself tu ya tomorrow,” I said melalhap up a stalk of meat skewers, too. That is, sometimes she calls my name, he also sometimes called “Ta”, the end of the word “Love”.

* * *

“Ev, where his Neza?” I’m not comfortable sitting in front of the boarding house Eva, have four hours we waited.
“Ta Bentar again, wait yes, Love.” She coaxed, stroking his head gently. “Well, it Nezanya come,” he said again. “How old times sich, Nez?”
“Aduwh Ev, had no business, so late. Sorry about that! “Neza miserably.

Eva often stories about Neza, but I’ve never seen him. This is the first time I met Neza. In the former, kulirikkan my eyes at Neza. She has shoulder-length straight hair, tied like a ponytail, wearing a yellow short-sleeved shirts and knee-length blue jeans. I do not believe that there was a girl on this earth more beautiful than my boyfriend, but even though my eyes transfixed, my heart is not at all impressed, keep my love for my lover, Eva.

“This guy Eva huh?” He asked, smiling. I just nodded and smiled back. “Neza”, he said, holding out his hand.

I shook his hand, “Rehan.” I said curtly. “Oh … yes, immediately wrote, which is the job?” I asked, to the point.

“This,” Neza handed three sheets of Japanese-language text. I work on it immediately, to translate it to English.

Not long after I had completed the translation. I handed him two pieces of paper that caressed the air like a loose hair blown Neza breeze.

“Thank ya.” Neza said softly, and Eva drove him to the boarding gate at the bottom of the afternoon which was almost dusk. After that, the sky was orange shut the story on that day.

* * *

Buak! My hands were bloody punching a wall, burning anger. I took my boyfriend who had been loyal, turned out to be like that behind me. All this time I just believe him, but it was reward for the trust which has to give him. He has menghujamkan dagger to my heart. He was stabbing me with a sadistic from behind. Bury my love for her betrayal and hateful beyond measure. No wonder sometimes I feel weird, why is there a guy that hp numbers until two or three pieces at hp

Eva. One name three numbers with a different card, No wonder Eva has a lot of cards.
Bang Andi guy’s name. When I asked who the Bang Andi, Eva says that if this man is his adopted brother. I just believe him, but lately I’m suspicious. Every time I called him, always says ‘wait’ in my mob, even when we eat satay, the Bang Andi too many times to contact Eva. And apparently, the Bang Andi was none other is not is not the Dika aka Andika Pratama, ex. He has lied to me. He’s still in touch with her ex behind me. He never promised me that he would never in a relationship any more with her ex, but now … He’s broken promise!

Why could he do all this to me, but I never hurt him, I always loved her wholeheartedly. Pulverize betrayal of my body like lightning. I just know all of that today when I opened my facebook Eva. There, I found a message whose contents they both deal meeting up tonight at the boarding house Eva, under a cherry tree in front of the boarding house.

Once Eva returned to college, I met him as usual. I acted like he did not know anything. Eva said tonight he will be working on the coursework, so do not be meeting up. I iyakan only, then that evening, I arrived half an hour ahead of time meeting up which they had planned. Pengintaianku surveillance are like a lion that will pounce on prey. I hiding behind the fence is overgrown with acacia flowers are quite lush. Month reluctant to get out of the blanket of black clouds, as if afraid to see the explosion of rage and my heart shattered.

Half an hour passed, I saw Dika came. They sit together, close, very close. The embers of anger coursed through the veins without warning through my body. I immediately came out of hiding, Eva was surprised to see me. Without a lot of pushes, I grabbed the collar Dika and punching his face, kicked her stomach and chest. Inevitably, he fell backward. Eva screamed hysterically saw it happen. Not satisfied with all that, I landed into the mouth Dika bogem raw strength to all his front teeth broken. After that, kupalingkan my face to Eva.

“Starting today, we broke up!” I snapped and walked away leaving a sobbing cry. I sank into darkness. My heart is broken was not left over. Tears began to fall, down my cheeks and fell to earth after a visit to his chin. Tears are the last tears for love. To hell with love. It turned out she was a liar. All women were liars, traitors! I grumbled, cursing all night.

Month after month came after another. Even without the felt, had been two years since the events that happen to aggression betrayal in love, I still do not also have a new girlfriend. Accompanied by the time I just walk down the garden path on the back of my campus. In my hand hung a bag full of boxes with the contents of the book.

I was struck from behind. All of my books scattered about the park, some even nyungsep to becekan a murky flooded.

“Damn!” Hardikku as he clenched his fists. I will soon land it in the faces of people who caused all this. However, intermittent one seconds later, my heart stops beating, my blood froze. The girl smiled at me and apologized, my heart melted, I smiled back and looked into his eyes. This time, my eyes transfixed and fascinated me.

“Neza …” I say.
“Rehan …” he replied, looking at me with a teasing smile, how cute he is.


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