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I introduce the easy way to find dollar business over the Internet are: AW Survey ..! It is very easy to run business we are only told to fill out surveys and then immediately paid dng dollars, and a more severe and we paid 1.25 U.S. dollars per 1 (one) Referral ..!

Only by providing comments and fill out a survey on our website directly AW Surveys paid in dollars, and if you are a member instantly joint gets a bonus 6 Dollar. Next, you immediately told to fill out surveys with english language for 15 minutes then you instantly increase the dollar at once to a total of 27 dollars …! then do promotions to everyone. If there is 1 (one) person who joins under you, you are paid $ 1.25 ..! was not easy ..? remember now the exchange rate 1 U.S. Dollar is still dilevel nine thousand rupiah ..!
Come join mumpung game for free …! you do not miss this golden opportunity

To join please click on the website:

<a href=”http://www.AWSurveys.com?R=alifhr”&gt; $6.00 Welcome Survey After Free Registration!</a>

How It Works / fill in the AW Survey Survey:

1. Once you are in the Joint AW Surveys, you are immediately asked to fill out surveys about the site being promoted by AW Survey. Of course with the English language. Usually there are 5 surveys that you have to fill. Each 1 (one) survey contains 2 (two) web site link to our values.

2. Click the First Link, then showed up a website in new windows you leave it alone until finished and then we see and value of such web site. The material is judged by you is: the web site page views, attractive or not, perwarnaannya good or not, businesses that offer good or not. Remember you must use the English language, if you trouble trouble just use Google translate language, how it works see point 3 below. Examples of the results of my assessment: “The web site looks quite interesting with the right combination of coloring and a soft look in the eyes. Businesses that offer pretty good and attract “. You type in google translate and then copy and paste into the column AW surveys. And so it went all the surveys that you fill one by one. All the assessments we use only the help of google translate and copy paste the result into the field on AW Survey. Done …!

3. How to use google translate language for an interpreter: “type the phrase which we will translate in the Columns. Then we select the language of origin (Indonesia) then select the language you want to know terjemahnya (UK). Then click Tranlate. Furthermore, wait a minute, in the right lane next to the column will show the results of Translate. We’re Block and then we copy the fields Column AW Surveys Click Paste. Practical is not it ..

4. If you’ve completed all field surveys then you get paid instantly $ 27.

5. Further Promote Business AW Survey is: “to add a dollar to get in Reedem (transfer to Local Bank) you have to promote your URL or Banner you. To get URL / banner Click the Menu below (refer friends and earn 1.25 a friends). You copy the Url address / banner is yours to your web site / blog. If you do not have a blog you can copy and paste into any advertising medium or in your email.

6. Happy to work and hunt Dollar Business with AW Survey.


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